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How is property split in a Texas divorce?

If you or your ex-spouse bought property during your marriage, you may have concerns about how it will be divided after divorce.

Texas is one of ten US states that uses community property law to guide property division in divorce. Under this law, property is typically divided evenly between spouses. However, if you’re preparing to split assets with your ex-spouse, there are a few exceptions and considerations you should take into account.

Steps to reduce divorce drama

Having a divorce filled with contention, scheming and inaccurate accusations increases costs, can get you into trouble and negatively affect your children’s lives. Here are ways to reduce or eliminate the drama that can happen in the divorce process.

Keep Priorities in Focus

Connecting with grandchildren after divorce

If someone in your extended family has just been through a divorce, it can take everyone time to adapt to the new status quo. New limitations on arranging family gatherings and visiting grandchildren add another layer to the readjustments after a divorce. Add on any residual animosity after the split, and there may be difficulties for all parties involved, including the children.

What are your rights as a grandparent to continue a relationship with your grandchildren? 

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