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Steps to reduce divorce drama

Having a divorce filled with contention, scheming and inaccurate accusations increases costs, can get you into trouble and negatively affect your children’s lives. Here are ways to reduce or eliminate the drama that can happen in the divorce process.

Keep Priorities in Focus

At an emotional time, it can be hard to keep what is important to you in the forefront of your mind. That is why it is important to make a prioritized list of what you want to keep when it comes to asset division negotiations. Remember that some compromise will need to happen on both sides, so it helps to think about what you could concede in exchange for achieving your goals.

Keep Honesty Alive

Even as an honest person, you may be tempted to tell a white lie for a perceived advantage in the courtroom. Do not do it. Honesty will serve you much better than being caught in an inconsequential lie that ends up getting you into more trouble than it is worth.

Digital Activity Is Public

Online activity is exceptionally searchable, especially by experienced investigators. Do yourself a favor and do not post anything that you would not want the whole world to know. Assume that anything you post your spouse’s attorney will find. This applies to social media as well as any other online venue.

Prepare to Co-Parent

The stress and disruption of a divorce can impact children’s lives in a very negative way, causing them to lapse in their performance at school and become depressed or anxious. Increase your chances of sidestepping that phenomenon by establishing a positive start to your co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse. Do not complain about your ex in front of the kids, or use the children as intermediaries.

Find legal representation that understands your concerns and is capable of championing your goals. With a competent and experienced attorney handling legal matters, you will be able to more fully move on with your life both during and after the divorce

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