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Connecting with grandchildren after divorce

If someone in your extended family has just been through a divorce, it can take everyone time to adapt to the new status quo. New limitations on arranging family gatherings and visiting grandchildren add another layer to the readjustments after a divorce. Add on any residual animosity after the split, and there may be difficulties for all parties involved, including the children.

What are your rights as a grandparent to continue a relationship with your grandchildren? 


Texas Law

The state of Texas does not grant any automatic rights for grandparents to visit their grandchildren, but there are ways to pursue a visitation arrangement.

If one of the ex-spouses refuses to let you spend time with your grandchildren, there is still a possibility to arrange visitation. Here are some of the essential points of securing time with the youngest members of your family.

The fact that your child and their ex-spouse are divorced opens the way for a deliberation that may culminate in a court-ordered visiting arrangement. This type of legal decision process falls under the family law designation so that a family court will hear your case.

Court Approval

The court can authorize that you can have a visitation schedule with your grandchild if they deem that the arrangement is in the best interests of the child. There are some circumstances where the court will not make a visitation schedule:

• If the divorce is not final

• Someone other than the child’s stepparent has adopted the child

• The court decides that the grandparent's visit is not in the best interest of the child

Emotions can run high during and immediately after a divorce. There are also children's adjustments to new parenting time schedules. Once a routine has developed, parents may be more open to scheduling visits. If they refuse visitation time, you know you have the option to pursue a formal arrangement via a legal route.

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