Evaluating Hidden Assets And Small Businesses In Property Division

Meredith ClarkDuring a complex, contentious divorce case, tempers can flare over emotional issues such as how to co-parent or how to handle child custody issues. But another area ripe for challenges comes when marital assets are divided. Two particularly vexing areas of property division law concern how a small business owned by a spouse is valued, and what happens when a spouse tries to hide marital assets.

At Meredith Clark Law, our founding attorney applies her business litigation acumen to the valuation process and will help you receive a fair distribution of property from your marital estate.

Problems With Small-Business Valuations

Businesses can be difficult to accurately value. Meredith V. Clark, will assist you in determining the business valuation method and will select qualified experts to ensure that your financial interests are always taken into consideration when it comes to dividing the business as part of the divorce.

Hidden Assets

A troubling area of marital property division comes into play if you believe that your ex is hiding assets that should be part of the case. If you believe that assets are being hidden in your divorce, contact Ms. Clark to bring the truth to light so that the marital estate may be divided fairly and equitably.

The Representation You Deserve

Our firm understands how to research and discover what might be hidden in a divorce filing. Utilize the online contact form to schedule a consultation.