Creative Strategies For Marital Property Division

Meredith ClarkWhen partners dissolve a marriage relationship, they must determine a fair and reasonable way to divide their assets and debts. If a couple cannot decide this through mediation or other means, it is a judge who will make the decisions on how to do this, and he or she cannot take into account all of your own unique personal and financial goals.

At Meredith Clark Law, we encourage our clients to work through property division issues in a pragmatic manner. We inform our clients of how the court may rule in a case like theirs, and help them to determine how to proceed, and ultimately guide them toward a favorable result.

Issues That Complicate Property Division Situations

There are many types of property division questions that can require litigation to answer, including:

  • Residential property: One party may want to retain the family home while the other may want to sell it and liquidate the asset.
  • Commercial finances: If either party in the marriage started a small business, ownership and valuation of that asset can be unclear.
  • Hidden assets: If a party is actively seeking to conceal assets for their own benefit in the divorce, aggressive representation of your interests in court is essential.

Family courts will strive to fairly divide assets and debts so parties can walk away with financial stability. Our firm's lead attorney understands the nuances of property division law and will strive to establish the best monetary picture for you after your divorce.

Defending Your Best Interests In All Cases

When property division or other divorce-related issues cannot be resolved amicably, you can rely on attorney Meredith V. Clark's confidence and skill in the courtroom. Given her courtroom litigation background, she is a formidable match for the opposing counsel, even in complex and high-conflict situations.

Courtroom Experience You Can Rely On

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