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Marital Property Division In Texas

Ending a marriage is similar to ending a business partnership. When partners dissolve the relationship, they must determine a fair and reasonable way to divide assets and debts.

In these situations, it is not always easy to equally divide the financial aspects of a marriage. One party may want to retain the family home. The other may want to sell it and liquidate the asset. One party may take on the expense of a child's health care. The other may bear the weight of a child's education.

Equal Versus Equitable

Since property issues are not always exactly equal, we instead seek "equitable" property division in Texas. Family courts will strive to establish agreements that fairly divide assets and debts so parties can walk away with some financial stability.

Creative Strategies And Reality-Based Representation

At Meredith Clark Law, we encourage our clients to work through these issues in a pragmatic manner. Despite the contentious nature of property disputes, it is often in an individual's best interests to avoid taking matters to court, where decisions will be made by a judge who is not as well-versed in your own personal goals and financial challenges.

Attorney Meredith Clark's comfort and confidence in the courtroom stems from her background in national and international litigation. She is well-equipped to match other long-standing big law firms because she has personally handled those kinds of sophisticated cases.

Through this experience, she has seen first-hand how people often walk away with a more satisfying property division agreement when they negotiate matters on their own. By informing our clients of how the court will likely rule and understand when it is appropriate to push for more, we can ultimately guide them toward the most favorable result possible.

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