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Focus On The Right Things During Child-Related Disputes

There are many challenging issues in divorce proceedings, but perhaps the most important involve children. Despite a well-meaning parent's best effort, children feel the full weight of changes in life at home. They only see their parents at specified times. They end up with inconsistent rules and guidance at home. They struggle to cope with the new reality post-divorce.

All of these issues contribute to a feeling of instability at home for children. At Meredith Clark Law, in Houston, Texas, we are focused on helping families develop divorce agreements that establish workable and lasting family structures post-divorce. Contact us today to get the experienced counsel you need.

Reaching Agreements That Work For You And Your Kids

Even if you and your spouse can't seem to agree on anything, you will likely agree that you want your kids to feel safe and secure. To make this happen, consider approaching child-related issues in divorce by:

  • Focusing on positive parent-child relationships. No matter what you think about your spouse, he or she is still an important part of your child's life. Family courts in Texas value parent-child relationships for both parents. Unless there is a clear issue of domestic violence, neglect or unfit parenting, you are well-advised to negotiate a child custody and parenting time arrangement that gives your child a fair amount of time with your former spouse.
  • Keeping your children out of your arguments. While this is not a specific legal issue, many parents forget that their kids can see and hear everything that is said in their disputes. Try not to talk about your spouse in a negative light. Remember that in order for your child to feel safe and happy, he or she needs to feel like their parents are unified in parenting.
  • Recognizing that financial stability for both parents is important. Whether you are seeking child support from your spouse, or are being asked to pay child support, remember that these financial agreements are there to help your children. Divorcing means separating shared family expenses. Both parents will likely experience a change in financial resources and both should walk away with the ability to provide a stable home life for children. An experienced lawyer can help protect your rights through this process.

Every divorce case is different. At Meredith Clark Law, you will be able to work directly with an attorney who cares about your situation and will fight for the best interests of your children. Contact our office online or by telephone at 832-699-1741 to arrange a consultation.

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