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About Attorney Meredith Clark

Meredith Clark grew up with the drive to advocate for people who otherwise do not have a voice. With her mother, father and grandfather all active and respected in the Texas legal community, she could see firsthand the value of working hard for people who are underrepresented.

This legal pedigree, however, is not what sets her apart. It is her tenacity, creativity and integrity that have earned her a reputation for excellence in family law. Learn more about Meredith Clark's career experience by following the link below, or contact our Houston, Texas, office to arrange a consultation.

Here, you will be working with a firm where:

  • Integrity is paramount. We never want to see our clients having to choose between protecting their kids and struggling over a bill. We don't want them to wonder if their lawyer is motivated to truly help them. This case matters to you on a personal level and it matters to us, too.
  • You will be prepared for the legal process ahead. Part of our job is to demystify the divorce process and give you the information you need to make important decisions. We will not hide information or belittle your case. We will give you everything possible to help you come out ahead.
  • Your attorney will walk through fire on your behalf. Meredith Clark's courtroom presence matches that of any big law firm because that is where she came from. Her career experience includes a background in national and international litigation. If your case becomes contentious, you can rely on our ability to stand up for you.

Contact Meredith Clark Law to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. Our office can be reached via email or by telephone at 832-699-1741.

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